Kimberly Rice Inspires Philadelphia Bar Association’s Women in the Profession Committee

Kimberly Rice, president/chief strategist of KLA Marketing Associates and and author of Rainmaker Roadmap: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Prosperous Business, recently presented a program entitled Create the Career of Your Dreams by Charting your Own Course to members of the Philadelphia Bar Association.

The interactive session focused on concrete steps professional women may take to create a more fulfilling career. Topics discussed included top issues with which women struggle such as social conditioning, the confidence gap, imposter syndrome. Rice, also outlined opportunity areas for women to improve their negotiation skills and increase their business development efforts.

Further, Rice addressed how to polish one’s professional presentation, improve effective communications skills, and develop a marketing mindset, all key components to building a successful career.

Rice, a Cherry Hill resident, is also founder of the Women in the Law Rainmaker Forum and Editor-in-Chief of ALM’s monthly Marketing the Law Firm.

Founded in 2008, KLA Marketing Associates provides strategic business development, marketing planning, skills training and coaching, and digital and social media marketing services to law firms throughout the region. frequently keynotes for legal and business groups throughout the United States.