Renee Molck

Bringing decades of wide-ranging experience to our clients, KLA Marketing Associates proudly collaborates with strategic partners who are experts in their discipline areas to successfully deliver well-crafted solutions to our clients’ most challenging business development needs.

Renee Molck, Digital Marketing Strategist/Graphic Designer

Renee Molck

Renee Molck, KLA Marketing’s Digital Marketing Strategist/Graphic Designer, is seasoned with a professional background in brand development and implementation. Through her several years of working within the marketing industry, Renee has transitioned into a multi-discipline subject matter expert.

Leveraging her deep marketing toolkit, Renee develops and implements integrated digital, social media and print marketing solutions best suited to each client’s needs to deliver maximum impact.

Her graphic design skills include print and digital design (e-newsletters, social media, web, animation, video editing and blogs). Along the way, she has also expanded her skillsets into copy development and editing, strategic planning, project management, vendor and client relationships.

Renee enjoys conveying clients’ messages through her mastery with sincere compassion and loves learning new skills as she goes.

Personally Speaking
Born and raised on the west side of Denver at the base of the Colorado Rockies, the mountains run deep in her blood. Renee still resides there with her husband and sees her parents regularly! When the weather cooperates, you can usually find her in the mountains meandering in the woods off trail, always searching for bears and moose while capturing nature’s detailed beauty in her photography.

Renee dreams day and night of returning to her favorite area: the Monterey Peninsula of California. Obsessed with the Pacific Ocean, Big Sur is her heaven! She is a HUGE animal lover and advocate! Her love for animals drove her to be a vegetarian by personal choice by the mere age of four.