If you and/or your group or team need enlightenment, education and empowerment to stretch beyond their comfort zone in building a prosperous business, fulfilling career or develop the next generation of leaders, Kimberly Rice is the credible, approachable expert you want to help you make that happen.

Unlike other speakers, Kimberly is a professional services expert who speaks and facilitates entertaining and impactful keynotes, programs, workshops, retreats and other customized experiential programs.

From her vast body of work of over 25 years, first as an in-house Chief Marketing Officer, she lives her unique genius and has evolved her indisputable points of proof with the Secret Sauce® proprietary proven methodology of building, growing and sustaining a prosperous business.

Kimberly delivers real-time events, webinars and other virtual learning experiences to wow, educate and empower her audiences with entertaining and informative programming to exceed clients’ expectations.

We work closely with clients to customize programming to meet their goals and budgets. Programs range from a one-hour keynote to multi-day firm strategy sessions. Given our long-time and unparalleled position in the legal services space, we can deliver one seasoned professional or a whole team of experts to create a successful event or program to propel you and your team forward, in an impactful way.

We count among our clients the following:

  • Law firms of all sizes, anywhere
  • Legal and bar associations (national, regional, and local)
  • Attorney retreats (senior, mid-level, and junior programming)
  • Business organizations
  • Affinity groups
  • In-person and webinar meetings and conferences






Sample topics have included:

  • Top Habits of Successful Rainmakers
  • Women Attorneys: Establish Yourself as a Leader
  • The Art of Asking for New Business and Sealing the Deal
  • Roll Up Your Sleeves and Let’s Develop a Powerful Marketing Plan
  • Personal Branding in the Workplace and Beyond
  • Connect the Dots to Powerful Business-Building Results
  • Business Development Training for Lawyers: Planning, Executing and Measuring Success
  • Ask us

If you are looking for an energetic and expert presenter to support your business goals, Kimberly Rice is ready to deliver.