Business Development

There is no way around it – to build a prosperous business, at least in the professional services space, high impact relationship building remains the critical conduit to more clients and more profitable business.

As difficult as this reality is for some, KLA Marketing Associates leverages its overflowing toolkit, as it is, to support and assist our clients to develop concrete, practical action steps to get and stay connected with qualified targeted audiences of clients, referral sources, and prospects.

First, all action begins with strategic planning. What is the profile of a perfect client? Where are they and where do they go? That is where you want to be, and we help you get there.

Our business development strategists partner with our clients to assess their current position for it is only then we can develop a customized action plan to get you there.

Cohesion and focus are two aspects of business growth that our team brings to our clients. We ensure that the trains run on time, as it were. With KLA Marketing Associates on your team, we help make great things happen for your business. Every time, no excuses. Ever!

We understand deeply the challenges of cultivating and nurturing key business relationships to attract new clients and to expand existing client relationships. Collectively, we have over 60 years of experience on our side to advise and guide clients via an array of tools such as:

  • Reputation-enhancing action steps – we support our clients’ desire to develop a high profile among targeted prospects via speaking engagements, publishing in industry journals, professional association involvement, and other customized business development solutions. We’ll help you get to where you need to be.
  • Relationship building and targeted networking – we guide clients to exactly where they need to be to get in front of qualified prospects and high impact referral sources. Not only that, we’ll coach you to know exactly what to say to leverage in-person business development opportunities. No worries, here. We have your back.
  • Client relationship management – Since an estimated 80% of a firm’s business is generated by 20% of its existing clients, logic dictates that considerable attention and care should be given to managing existing client relationships. We work with firms to develop systems by which client activity is tracked, incentive programs are executed for select clients, and metrics are outlined to create client loyalty for years to come.
  • Competitive intelligence and other research resources are leveraged to more thoroughly understand the marketplace. With every action plan we devise, critical metrics are used to evaluate results.