Professional Women-Based Programming

KLA Marketing Associates offers a full range of women-based services from large annual conference keynotes, in-house firm training and roundtables to one-on-one professional women coaching programs.

In short, we provide customized solutions to support and empower professional women to effectively navigate through their professional journey.

Among many others, some of our program topics include:

  • The Confidence Playbook: 10 Steps to Catapult Your Confidence and Soar
  • Dare to Lean In to a Fulfilling Professional Journey: Five Key Steps Every Success-Minded Woman Must Take
  • Build and Grow a Prosperous Business, as a Lady Boss
  • The Interplay of Personal Branding and Social Media: Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Brand
  • Master Executive Communications to Advance and Succeed

Regardless of topic, we work closely with our clients to customize every program to suit their unique needs.

In our decades of experience, our programs and services are revered as “electric” and transformative.

To learn more, reach out today. Your professional future may very well depend upon it.