Results and Outcomes

The last thing anyone needs is more meeting time. Often, meetings and even professional development programs can be a complete time suck and a waste. Not Kimberly’s highly energized, interactive and entertaining programs. Her facilitation style is the antithesis of a ‘talking head’. She understands deeply that audiences are deferring billable time to attend her programs, and she ensures it exceeds their expectations.

The desired result and outcomes of all of Kimberly’s programs is for participants to:

  • Be more informed than when they walked into the meeting room.
  • Walk away energetic, inspired, empowered and motivated to implement new principles.
  • Return to their offices with renewed focus and energy in building a prosperous business.
  • Be equipped with proven methodologies to attract new clients and strengthen relationships with existing clients.
  • Want to learn more of what Kimberly is teaching.

Every program, workshop, mentoring training session and one-on-one coaching is individually tailored for each and every client. No two clients or professional services providers are the same. Bringing decades of relevant experience to each client engagement, Kimberly is available to work with clients until they are ready to fly in reaching their goals. Shouldn’t you register for Kimberly’s flying lessons today?

Program Topics
  • The Secret Sauce Marketing Master Class – There are no shortcuts or magic pills for building a business predicated upon relationships, as professional services is. In this comprehensive presentation, you will learn the three essential ingredients to building, growing and sustaining a prosperous business AND the step-by-step actions that you must take to get you there. If you need more clients, you MUST attend this presentation to find out how to get them! This is one of our showcase presentations that keeps clients coming back for more.
  • Roll Up Your Sleeves and Let’s Develop a Powerful Marketing Action Plan – Ask a prosperous rainmaker how they’ve made it and they will likely cite a targeted, focused plan of action. The foundation of successfully of building a prosperous business, lawyers and professionals at every stage of their practice greatly benefit from this masterclass of how to develop and implement a targeted, integrated marketing action plan that will not attract dust on a shelf in your office. Recognizing that professionals have limited time, this high-powered program examines the core ingredients and breaks them down into measurable action steps, when implemented will propel targeted relationship building, creating a higher visibility and reputation, and secrets for getting and staying connected with your growing network. Nuts and bolts working session that professionals can implement immediately upon returning to their offices.
  • The Imperative of Niche Marketing – Do you know your ideal target audience? How would your perfect client know that you exist and where to find you? If you want to learn how to identify and target your ideal clients, this program is for you! During this highly interactive workshop, Kimberly helps the audience explore the power of niche marketing, on how to focus your marketing efforts on attract your best clients. Kimberly outlines why niche marketing works, how to identify the best niche (or two) for you, and what steps to take to reach these ideal clients. Lawyers and professional services providers at every career stage will walk away with time-tested business development tactics to put into action immediately.
  • Women Attorneys: Establish Yourself as a Leader for Greater Prosperity and Fulfillment. Recognizing that unfortunate inequality still exists in private practice, women lawyers and professionals confront many more challenges than their male counterparts. This program is especially designed to inform, inspire and empower business persons to recognize their sabotaging behaviors, stand confident in their professional accomplishments and personal power to effectively navigate through an environment with a morass of political delicacies and gender discrimination to emerge whole and successful. One of our most highly-rated programs for professional women, audiences are energized, educated and entertained, with a better understanding of how build a profitable client base without losing yourself.
  • The Top Seven Steps to Master Communications and Grow your Business – This is the presentation for you if you want to master the art of effective communication with both your clients, prospects and your internal team. This session will empower you to convert more prospects into clients and then serve them seamlessly by efficient and positive workflow from your staff.
  • Leadership, Power and Prosperity for Women – An intense and empowering session that focuses on the positive and practical enlightenment for professional women. They will walk away ready to fully embrace their power and presence for greater fulfilment, peak performance and prosperity both personally and professionally.
  • Top Habits of Successful Rainmakers – As a private practicing lawyer or professional services provider, you cannot rely upon traditional marketing strategies and high volumes of associated tasks to build a prosperous client base. Instead, you must adopt a holistic approach to communicating your life’s work across multiple platforms. Your ability to attract clients affects your personal career growth to integrate essential marketing practices into your standard operations. Program attendees will be energized and inspired to hit the ground running as they walk out of this entertaining and informative program.
  • Intersection of Personal Branding and Social Media: Leveraging LinkedIn to Build a Personal Brand – Brands are pervasive and persuasive…and professional branding is not just for products and services anymore. It’s also crucial for lawyers and professional services professionals wanting to carve out their business niche to create a compelling and memorable first impression, and a more charismatic presence. This energetic, interactive program will outline the steps of creating a personal brand and then how to breathe air into it online. Attendees rave about this highly impactful program that brings such clarity to topics easily misunderstood.
  • The Art of Asking for New Business and Sealing the Deal – Asking for business is one of the scariest aspects of building a profitable business for so many professional services providers and it need not be so. In relational-based businesses, there is a direct sales process that every professional services provider must learn and integrate into her/his business-building acumen. This intense program provides a multi-media approach to addressing the sales process in professional services. Attendees will leave without the fear they have been carrying around with them. In fact, this is one of our most popular programs as it includes role-play and peer mentoring as part of the interactive exercises. If you/your team is struggling on how to bring business in the door, this program is a MUST!


  • Integrated marketing – Why it is the path to your marketing success
  • Seven Steps to Move from a Revenue Stream to Revenue Flood
  • Yes, Cross-Selling Can Work in your Organization: Learn How
  • Make Time to Cultivate Business Relationships with Confidence, Clarity & Purpose
  • Connect the Dots to Powerful Business-Building Connections
  • Business Development Skills Training for Lawyers: Planning, Executing and Measuring Success

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