Coaching Program

In the last decade and particularly in light of the new business climate, professional coaching has evolved as one of the most effective tools for professionals to achieve greater productivity and satisfaction in their work and personal lives. Formed as a collaborative partnership, Kimberly works with clients to help them achieve their career and personal goals, as defined by them.

Much like a personal trainer who works with those who desire to reform some aspect of their physical being, Kimberly works closely with clients to identify areas of improvement and areas of opportunity, brainstorm productive ideas and action steps, and ultimately set benchmarks to measure results for each specific situation and objective.

Some lawyers struggle to ramp up their practices to attract a higher quality client base while others fret over how and if they will ever make partner. Having an objective partner with no hidden agenda to help those who have a desire to make positive changes and move forward in their career and other aspects of their life is what much of the coaching KLA Marketing Associates offers is centered around.

One may ask, why does someone need a coach? Experience shows us that there are just some paths in life that are better traveled with a skilled road guide, plotting the course, measuring the stops, timing the trip, and, in general, helping us along the way to ensure we reach our destination.

Topics which are often addressed include:

  • launching a solo practice and associated start-up business development issues
  • building and growing a practice to attract interesting and rewarding work
  • gaining confidence in making presentations and interviewing situations
  • learning how to effectively pave the path to partnership in a law firm environment
  • overcoming fears of public speaking and networking
  • refining critical networking and communication skills to improve business results
  • building a client-centric practice and enhancing receivables
  • making a lateral transition successful

We work with clients to:

  • set specific, reasonable and measurable goals
  • develop a plan to achieve set goals
  • provides guidance to overcome obstacles
  • helps stay on track to meet goals
  • be accountable in their commitments

In the ideal client-coach relationship, we partner with those who:

  • desire a greater degree of success and satisfaction in their practice
  • are committed to the process and coaching relationship
  • are willing to do the “in between” session homework
  • have the vision and open spirit to recognize the value of a collaborative partnership.

Whether you are just starting a legal career, have a few miles under your belt, or are looking to reinvigorate your practice after an industrious journey, invest an hour with Kimberly Rice, a seasoned lawyer coach, who will lead you to new insights and ideas to help you on your way.