• Professional Services Providers (lawyers, accountants, engineers, financial services, medical, etc)

The professional services landscape has changed significantly since the Great Recession. No one’s position is secure without a profitable book of business. Yet, rarely are professionals taught how to build their client base. Enter Kimberly Rice. She knows professional services providers’ greatest business challenges and delivers power-packed experiential programming (from one-hour keynotes to multi-day retreats and strategic work sessions) to equip her audiences with real life, actionable tools, techniques and tips they can use right away to grow their business.

If you don’t learn enough during the meeting time, Kimberly provides a host of multi-media resources (books, e-courses, videos, mentorship programs and one-on-one strategy sessions) to support all customized programs

Guaranteed, you’ll walk away with transformative learning to be well on your way to greater prosperity.

  • Professional Development Directors

Charged with developing their professional services talent, professional development directors must be in tune with substantive educational curriculum that best addresses their development needs.

Identifying the right speaker for your firm’s talent can be a daunting task, dependent upon the diverse demographics and areas of practice. That is one of the reasons these professionals love working with Kimberly who provides each programming partner a Speaker Identification Questionnaire to help examine the desired qualifications and support the process of booking just the right speaker for your group.

As a seasoned presenter and educational program facilitator, Kimberly combines interactive and experiential elements into her dynamic programs to infuse energy and entertainment, making learning fun.

  • Administrators

Responsible for a vast portfolio of duties, firm administrators are involved frequently in every operational area of a professional service business. Often, they are tasked with hands-on marketing initiatives or oversee the marketing program strategy and implementation. Supporting their firms to develop a strategic approach to growing their business is one of the reasons firm administrators rave about Kimberly’s high-level programs that address firm differentiation techniques, industry trends, strategic planning and other “big picture” topics.

In some firms, administrators also wear the marketing hat and are responsible for booking and providing substantive educational programming and training for their professionals. Topics such as individual marketing planning, identifying and learning how to market a niche practice and personal branding are particular popular in these cases. Kimberly’s advanced programs are equally as popular with seasoned COOs, CFOs and Executive Directors who must identify strategic new opportunities for their firms.

  • Marketers

A professional services marketer’s job is no easy path. Kimberly knows well as she spent nearly 20 years as an in-house marketing professional and chief marketing officer for several regional firms. There are many masters to serve in this environment and Kimberly knows well the challenges to identify the greatest development needs of professional services professionals. Often responsible for assisting and supporting professional services professionals to build and grow a book of business, marketers need a speaker and program facilitator who has in-depth industry experience and understands what motivates this group of sophisticated professionals.

Marketers love working with Kimberly as her number one goal is to make them shine in front of their wide array of internal clients. By collaborating on the specific educational needs, Kimberly and her marketer colleagues exceed their clients’ expectations every time.