Episode 15: Developing High Performance Teams with Darryl Cross

In his 20+ years of working in the legal services arena, Darryl has seen the profession and the business from many different vantage points. In addition to his roles as law firm CMO and VP of Professional Development and Coaching for Lexis, Darryl informs and guides clients in a wide variety of business sectors on how to secure the best performance from employees and firm leadership who are already proficient in their respective roles. He has found that a sure path to peak performance is to help clients learn how to improve their team dynamics by integrating certain practices into their daily habits.

In his book Cultivating Excellence: The Art, Science, and Grit of High Performance in Business, Darryl illuminates how great achievers and performers can up their game, so to speak, through cultivating collaboration. Darryl shares in this podcast common team-building and collaboration threads he learned from interviewing astronauts, fire fighters, athletes, Navy SEALS, surgeons and others that lead to peak performance. Listen and learn from this fascinating exchange.