Episode 7: Managing Digital Assets

There are viable, organic steps that experienced and well-informed digital marketers take on an ongoing basis to help clients to build a robust online reputation and leverage clients’ digital assets (i.e. a professionally designed website, social media platforms and directory listings). We make this happen for our clients every day and am thrilled to learn that by staying the course, that they are generating new client retention directly from their website lead generation and conversion systems put into place.

Understanding that many lawyers skew on the skeptical side, I hear often “I don’t expect to get any clients from our website”; “I just want people to find us on the web, to see that we are who we say we are”. Wow! While I hear these remarks frequently, the truth is if you do not expect to generate a revenue stream from your digital assets, either you need to just shut down everything and retreat or, the wiser move, is to engage in a strategic digital marketing program, with seasoned and proven experts.