2014 Top Mantra for Marketing Success: It’s Always the Same…

I have coined the phrase that the only secret sauce to marketing success is the “consistent, persistent massive amounts of energy over a prolonged period of time”. That’s it, but THAT’S ENOUGH.

We’ve worked with innumerable law firm clients over two decades and the ones which have “walked the talk” have done extremely well and the ones who started out like a rocket eventually fizzled because they would not (or could not) maintain the momentum we had helped them generate.

Let me be very clear: building and growing a prosperous practice does not happen in a day or 100 days (though you will be closer) but with incremental, strategic action steps aimed at supporting your overall business/practice goals. That’s what KLA Marketing Associates does every day in helping our clients. We identify our clients’ goals, strategize what tools will be required to support those goals, and then get about creating a productive environment of advising our law firm clients in executing on the tactics which support the goals.

One client recently described us as “marketing doctors”, and I chuckled. But in thinking about the analogy, I can see it: we assess and evaluate an issue/opportunity, provide a diagnosis, then create a plan (i.e. provide a prescription) to achieve the desired results. Rinse and repeat!

Successful lawyers know that the quickest way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time…same is true here. What, exactly, are you waiting for?

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