Tweets, Apps, and Mobis, Oh My!

Wow, what a year 2011 was. While the economy barely hung on for many law firms who once again held their own, our legal marketing colleagues around the country were busy innovating to heights not seen before in our professional space. It is a great time to be engaged in marketing law firms, indeed.

After a 20+ year slow crawl, many law firms are finally recognizing the imperative to align themselves with general business models of “sales and marketing” in an effort to better equip their lawyers and personnel to the age-old truths of attracting and retaining clients and learning what they are now being educated to know as client service “best practices”. Not a day too soon, I may add.

Competition in our legal services space has never been greater and the pie of available work continues to shrink. This alone should shake law firm managers to wake up and smell the coffee, as it were, as they witness some of their large institutional clients bolt for smaller, more nimble firms which can provide comparable service at more economical pricing.

It bears repeating that the onslaught of technology and its advancing sister is transforming how law firms build, promote, and create client partnerships like never before seen in professional services marketing. So exciting it is that at times, we can’t imagine what the “next big thing” will be and how technology will further impact the practice and promotion of law firms. Firms everywhere are jumping on board with social media marketing and savvy marketers are leading their firms to harness the strategic value of assisting their firms to pull ahead of their competition.

With no end in sight, we are looking forward to see what exciting developments 2012 brings. One thing for sure, all these changes will keep us on our toes to bring you, our readers, the latest and most practical content to keep you and your firms moving forward. Please join you, won’t you?

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