2012 First Quarter Gone – How Did You Do?

Looking in the rear view mirror, 25% of 2012 is gone. How have you made out in honoring your commitments to yourself in planning and executing on a marketing action plan to propel your practice development goals forward?

If you haven’t checked off the list of initiatives you intended, now is a good time to stop and evaluate what happened so you can course correct and maximize the remaining 75% of the year.

Consider this:

  • Did you manage your time efficiently to get out of the office at least once per week to grab coffee or lunch to cultivate a business relationship and grow your referral network? Is not, why not? What’s holding you back?
  • Are you fishing where the fish are? Do you know for sure that your chosen networking venues are the most targeted given the spheres of influence you are seeking to penetrate?
  • How are you advancing your personal brand? Are you talking so others listen?
  • Look at your goals and compare where you are to where you thought you would be at this point. How are you doing? What needs to be changed at this point?
  • Examine the tactics supporting your goals. Have you executed well and what has been left undone? What can you double down on in the second quarter to get back on track?

With the best of intentions, often life gets in the way. Many of our clients find that having an accountability partner or coach can be a very productive relationship to forge. Having a partner to brainstorm and troubleshoot with can provide helpful and objective insights from someone who has “been there, done that”. It is through this working relationship that you can develop a targeted action plan and specific steps to take to help you accomplish your 2012 marketing goals. Do you even have a written plan? If not, why not? A professional coach can help you in this process and then guide you through the process to produce measurable results.

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