Episode 19: Wellness in the Workplace with Will Meyerhofer – The People’s Therapist

Will transitioned his career as private practicing lawyer to a psychotherapist after working as an attorney for two years with a very large Manhattan-based law firm. When Will entered the law in the late 90’s, he had no idea what exactly he was getting himself into. He found quickly that his professional choice was not one that fit him nor his lifestyle.

He is the author of “Way Worse than Being a Dentist: the Lawyer’s Quest for Meaning.” He has also written a book introducing and elaborating upon the central concepts of psychotherapy, “Life is a Brief Opportunity for Joy”.

Will writes regularly for Above the Law, and maintains a blog at www.thepeoplestherapist.com.

In this episode of Secret Sauce Tastings Podcast, Will and I explore the sometimes tragic and toxic environment that law firms can be and how lawyers can protect themselves and their colleagues via wellness practices and programs.