Episode 10: Health and Wellness with Damien Smith

As founder and president of Force Fitness & Nutrition, Damien is an exercise specialist, nutrition consultant and qigong instructor who offers a comprehensive and evidenced-based approach to health, fitness and performance training needs.

With nearly 20 years of field experience and 26 years of dedicated practical experience in health, fitness, and MBS (mind, body, spirit) cultivation, Damien has discovered one consistent fact that leads him to assert, “You Are Powerful”!

With his unique background, skill sets and experience, Damien’s integrated services are an invaluable asset that create solutions for overall positive health, wellness and performance goals for his clients.

The foundations of Damien’s business is derived from his desire to combine the principles and practices of strength/fitness training, sports medicine, nutrition and mental fitness techniques with the most effective methods of their application to provide clients with the utmost health and wellness experience.

Damien partners with his clients to assess their overall health, identify areas of concern for improvement and designs customized programs, including building health, wellness and self-regulation habits and benefits from the inside out.