Episode 1: Introduction to Kimberly Rice

In the first Secret Sauce Marketing Tastings podcast episode, Kimberly Rice introduces herself and describes the professional journey that has brought her to owning and growing KLA Marketing Associates, an award-winning professional services marketing advisory firm.

In her casual Southern style, Kimberly offers an insight into her passions and hobbies that create an energetic persona, driving her to work closely alongside clients to help them move the needle on their growing businesses.

Kimberly points out a competitive advantage that she and KLA Marketing senior client manager Bob Gero have by having worked inside regional and national law firms for decades on management teams wherein they had direct interaction and influence with firm leadership. To say that they have intimate knowledge of law firm culture, the flat governance structure and lawyer challenges would be an understatement. Kimberly and Bob leverage those years of in-house experience to bring practical solutions to law firms and lawyers’ most challenging business development issues.

Now, as President and Chief Strategist, Kimberly works tirelessly with law firms of all sizes and lawyers in every practice to help them bring about positive change to their professional experiences and greater prosperity. For as many lawyers as the firm collaborates with there are as many unique challenges, most of which we’ve seen and solved many times before.

In this and future podcast episodes that we have planned, the KLA Marketing team trusts you find a few useful nuggets of information that will support and assist in making your business more viable, more fulfilling and, above all, most prosperous.

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Until next time, keep moving forward.