Episode 4: Business Development Requires the Long View

Business Development Requires the Long View

We understand how easy it can be to become discouraged when the “client attraction” process is not progressing as quickly as you want it to. We get it as we are business owners, too.

What is important to understand is that the action items you, as a business owner, must focus on includes:

  • Having a deep understand of exactly whom is your “ideal client(s)”. What do they look like, what is their job title, where do they go, what do they read? You absolutely must know as much as possible about your “buyers’ journey”. (more on this later).
  • Where does your “ideal client” go for professional development? To what associations do they belong? What are their buying habits? You need to know.

Once you know this fundamental data, then you must take steps to go where they go, read what they read (to learn about their business sector and industry). How will you know when there is a problem or opportunity with which you can help, if you don’t dive into learning about your prospective clients?

Then, once you get in front of these targeted prospects, what do you say? How do you attract them as clients? These are the important considerations you should focus on as a savvy business owner AND this takes time – a lot of time.

As we teach regularly, you must engage in multiple marketing and business development tactics (let’s add hyperlinks to relevant website content) to foster and nurture these prospects. Again, this takes time.

Speaking at one chamber meeting will not garner you the clients that you want. Doing anything one time is a complete waste of your time.

Listen in on this new podcast for suggestions and techniques of how to integrate “long view” thinking into building a prosperous business.

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