Be the Person Who Shows UP

Are we tired yet of hearing how busy everyone is? Are we tired yet of people running into us because they are staring zombie-like into their smartphone screens? Ok, this is the end of my rant though pertinent to my thoughts today.

As a baby baby boomer (made it right under the wire), I learned “in the day” from my mother to honor my word, responsibilities and to be considerate of others, always. Yet, in today’s culture, and I’m speaking specifically in the professional sense, it astonishes me how many people shirk their responsibilities to others and dismiss whatever public perception may be of them.

As a professional educator and mentor who has facilitated hundreds of programs to support professional services providers on how to build a prosperous business, I challenge you to assess your “show up” rate compared to those of your peers and clients.

Do you physically show up when you’ve committed to attend a networking event, to meet a contact for a beverage and professional association committee work?

Do you regularly meet internal and external client deadlines? Do you under promise and over deliver?

Do you mentally and emotionally show up for your clients by proactively staying abreast of what is happening in their business? In their industries? I am shocked at how many professionals don’t “read”…they don’t stay posted on local, business and legal news in their network. And, no, I’m not speaking about politics but news that matters to your professional development and those of your network and clients.

Let me share with you, my friends, this is part of our responsibility of earning the trusted advisor status. There are no free passes. Want to be a client magnet, ask a few clients what professional journals they read, then subscribe and scan those publications on a regular basis. Develop a system to learn more about your clients’ businesses. That is the #1 professional client complaint: “my professional advisors don’t understand my business”. Make sure this is not you!

I trust that you can hit the pause button and consider how showing up is a simple way to differentiate yourself from your competitors down the street.

If you are serious about leading your business to prosperity, let’s talk so we may show you the path to prosperity. This is what we successfully do, every day, just for professional service providers just like you. Click the link below to schedule your free consultation.