Digital Marketing

Developing and strategically maintaining a professionally-designed website is imperative to the credibility of your business.

Following a thoughtful website development process, KLA Marketing Associates helps clients understand and leverage the power of the Internet to boost firm revenue, create greater visibility among prospects, existing clients and other key influencers, and position them as experts in a chosen field.

To create a new web presence, KLA Marketing Associates helps clients:

  • Outline their Internet marketing goals and objectives
  • Determine what elements should be included on a new site
  • Guide the creative process of graphic design and drafting new content
  • Ensure all critical technical processes are included such as search engine registration and optimization
  • Helps launch new sites with a high impact campaign.

Going forward, we help keep the site fresh, relevant and interesting, and increase the flow of site traffic to reach broader audiences.

For those organizations which already have a website but aren’t garnering the level of traffic and engagements that they want, we offer:

  • Website audits to review,assess, and recommend improvements
  • Regular content updating
  • Search engine registration and optimization
  • New digital marketing initiatives.