Is the Women in Law Rainmaker Forum ‘worth it’? You betcha! Here’s how

It is challenging for most of us to make an investment of our time and our resources, even if it a direct investment in ourselves. $499 is hard-earned dough. I get that.

So, to outline what participants will receive and gain from the Rainmaker Forum, read on…

When you enroll in a Rainmaker Forum experience, you will learn how to:

1) Think through your business challenges more strategically

2) Gain clarity in business objectives and goal setting

3) Challenge your thinking

4) Increase your confidence

5) Decrease the sense of isolation that pervades many women lawyers

6) Help you tap the skills and experience of others

7) Hold you accountable to move forward – helping you develop the courage for success.

8) Expose you to concepts and resources that will help you build your practice

What does this mean as a practical matter? As facilitator of each session, I query each participant on the top 3 challenges she faces in her practice (and they could transcend her practice) to develop a “curricula” of sorts on the issues we will focus to help move each participant forward. These may include some of the items listed below and/or other business/practice development challenges. The issues are different for each person so we support one another in a peer learning/mentoring environment which creates a safe space to grow.

  • Get Started with a Solid Business Development Plan
  • Building Your Professional Network of Business Relationships
  • Leveraging Your Existing Professional Skill Sets
  • Consistently Leaning In to Build a Prosperous Practice

While each of us is growing and learning, we are sharing our knowledge, our connections to support one another’s growth goals as well as engaging in helping others. The sessions and relationships cultivated are powerful and far-reaching, and I invite you to join us.

Finances should not stand in your way of investing in You which is why we offer the following:

  • Payment plans – incremental payments over the course of the 4-session program (which could be 2 months or more)
  • Scholarships – if you access two women in your network who enroll in a Forum (not necessarily the one you enroll in), your seat is free. That is a $1,000 value.

Sessions are spread out typically over a bi-monthly schedule so each participant has an opportunity to follow through on the action steps they commit to.

Feedback and response has been tremendous and transformational to those who have recognized the value and takes that first step to claim their power…join us there!

To enroll, click here. For questions, contact us here.