Do you want to develop a healthy client base, but are confused where to start?

In addition to the mantra myth “do great work and the clients will come”, our experience working with attorneys from first-years to long-standing veterans, “I don’t have the time to market” presents itself as the primary reason for a lack of an individual’s on-going business development program. Here are a couple of tactics to consider to initiate a BD program for yourself that will prove effective over time:

  1. Re-trace your steps, so to speak. Analyze how you obtained the clients you are working with now, and more often than not, there are other potential clients within the same chain.
  2. Discipline yourself to put into your calendar, “Business Development” activity, same time and same day of the week for two months, then evaluate the results.
  3. Build a contact list in a database, add to it at every opportunity, and create a schedule of communicating with that list regularly with blogs, social media posts, client alerts and other appropriate messages.

Allow 9 to 12 months for these actions to create a “habit” for you, and most likely new matters as well, and then evaluate the results and tweak as need be.

To learn the requisite concrete habits you must develop to become the rainmaker you are meant to be, click the buton below for a free download of Top Habits of Successful Rainmakers. Do it today!