Different Faces of Follow Up

Though follow up can take many different approaches, the overall non-negotiable component involves any action step which provokes the other party (existing client, prospect, etc.) to want to continue contact with you. You are focused on cultivating and nurturing relationships which will ultimately be mutually beneficial and add value.

A few examples of effective follow up include:

• Brief thank you emails following an event (networking, educational programs, or entertainment).
• Handwritten notes of congratulations for personal or business accomplishments.
• Links to a relevant news article in which your contact would benefit.
• Personal visits to a client’s work site to deliver a work product.
• Invitations to social events, professional organization programs, or business workshops.

The more lawyers engage in marketing initiatives, the most important task to remember is to plan appropriately before taking any action what the follow-up steps will be, who will take them, and in what time frame. Treat this component of the business development process as you would a client obligation and coordinate your calendar with all parties involved. It is in this step that the revenue will be found, the meaningful business relationships will be established and robust practices will be built.

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